Skill Development

About the Project: 

Skill Development for women & Girls empowerment


This Project is for the benefit of the poor and needy women & girls, ( widows, abused Women, unemployed Girls and House mothers) who living below the poverty line in backward/remote villages and slums in India. The project aims to equip the women with a skill that will help them to improve their living standards and generate income for their families. Unemployment is a serious issue that leads to many other social problems. The rate of un-employment flies each year, causing in a dangerously


Women Empowerment Skills aim to achieve, create and contribute to Improved employment / self employment opportunities for young girls and women between the age of 18 to 24 years in the remote villages and slums in Andhra Pradesh, India.


The teenage Girls between 18 to 30 years from disadvantaged communities face barriers in joining the formal economy — lack of quality education, skills, social confidence, communication, language and cultural problems and also parental pressure to marry early and keep house, to community pressure to only take ‘respectable jobs’ and limitations on being allowed to travel ‘too far’ from the family.

Long-Term Impact

Learning skills and talents in tailoring to make new model dresses to sell them from house to house and shop to shop to earn sufficient Income to meet pressing needs of their family and educate their children and mainly not depending on others in the community and donors for years. And also, some of the Income will use for social cause at their villages to make a difference.










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