Mercy & Grace Charitable Trust is registered as a non Profit Charitable Organization under the rules and regulations of the Trust Act 1882, F C R A  revised Act  2010,  registered as under section 80 G Income Tax Exemption and PAN  identification .

The Central Government of India permitted to receive donations to Mercy & Grace to meet needs for the SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL , EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL activities to promote Love, Peace , dignity,equality and respect to all the people of country and nation.

The Founders & Trustees are dedicated and committed for  supporting to the Suffering, Starving and struggling Children, youth, women & Families by showing & sharing the love and compassion in a practical support.

The Founder & Trustee, who resigned his  Government Bank Job in 2000  for working full time for  Mercy & Grace activities / projects and he donated own money from his monthly salaries and supported for needs of the Gospel and needs of the Charity and also, his wife,Nirmala Managing Trustee who donated her own piece of land and shelter to Mercy & Grace Orphanage & School for Children. His son Rajesh who is working for helping the Children as a volunteer.

The Volunteers, Sponsors and Donors are joined as partners to Mercy & Grace Charitable Trust . Most of them who visited  and stayed  few weeks and months at Mercy & Grace to support the charitable activities to uplift the poor and needy from their below poverty line.


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